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An unprecedented amount of innovation is currently occurring with fins and fin systems. Ranging from the simple to complex, tool-less fin attachment, to a wide range of other options.

Our choice was to go back to basics, with a system that is light, strong, while at the same time simple to install and easy to use. A design optimized for under the glass installation. The goal was to deliver a system that was both simple and familiar for builders to install, and surfers to use.

GEARBOX is an innovative new fin system. It is strong, light, easy to install, dual tab compatible, and customizable.

A unique patented LOAD BEAM COLLAR offers customization options through the installed cover! System has an inexpensive routing system that simplifies and expedites the installation process.

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HANALEI FINS manufactures an extensive range of both RTM molded composite fins (HRD-KORE), as well as custom fiberglass & G-10 fins (HANALEI FINS). The custom fins include quads, thrusters, side bites, and regular single fins.

We offer a range of completely unique templates that are unlike anything else available in the marketplace. All fins are offered with either GEARBOX or DUAL TAB bases, as well as FUTURES bases on some designs. Many of the fin designs feature hollow inside foils for an extra performance boost.

Our custom handmade fins are produced one at a time the old fashioned way, with hand foiling and finishing. These are high quality fins with exceptional foils that feature very unique characteristics. What we call "Fearless Foils"! The single fin range only available in fiberglass.

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Robin Mair has been handcrafting surfboards for over 50 years in South Africa, California, and Hawaii.

If you are looking for a high quality performance surfboard that can help take your surfing to the next level then look no further than Mair Surfboards. Our reputation is built around service and care for our customers. We listen to what you want and give you the best of our knowledge in order to deliver a surfboard that meets your expectations and fulfills your surfing goals and dreams.


All of the websites associated with our products have been developed by us in house.

These skill are available for hire to anyone interested. We use our extensive expertise in UI design to deliver the best possible user experience for our websites.

The websites for GEARBOX, HANALEI FINS, and MAIR SURF were all done in house, and all are actively maintained and enhanced by us!


Besides our focus on delivering innovative surfing products, we also have expertise in 3D design work.

All of the design work for the GEARBOX fin system was performed by us, along with the engineering and testing.

We also leverage these skills in the design of our fins and the tooling for them.